[PA-Furry] Flappy Test

Felix Softpaw softpaw at fusiontechva.net
Thu May 20 20:42:04 EDT 2004

Perhaps there could be some way to convert HTML to plaintext, rather than
bouncing the message?  Seems like a silly thing to reject messages for.

Also, are you certain it was HTML causing problems, and not RTF?  Outlook
and AOL's RTF formats cause a LOT of problems in my experience.  I
admittedly know nothing about the problems caused by non-plaintext messages
on this group in the past, just tossing out some thoughts.

-Felix Softpaw

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On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 08:32:20PM -0400, Byzantyn the Dragon wrote: 
>A couple friends of mine say they've attempted to post messages to the list
>and were blocked.

	As I have mentioned in past messages to the list, if your message 
contains HTML then yes, it will be blocked by the software.  

	The reason for this is because of past problems that HTMLized 
e-mails have caused people here on the list.

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