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Stormfront Dragon stormdragon at att.net
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At 03:04 AM 5/24/04 -0400, you wrote:
>Not every pet owner is so financially well-off to
>pay the full cost upfront.
>Should the animal needlessly suffer
>because of this?

Having the means to care for your pets is part of being a responsible pet 
owner.  If you can't afford medical care for the animal you're considering, 
then you shouldn't take responsibility for the animal.

>Please read and sign this petition in
>support of an "Animal Emergency Law"
>that will prohibit veterinarians from turning away
>any animal in need of EMERGENCY care due
>to the owner's inability to pay the
>FULL COST UPFRONT at the time of the visit,
>and will enable the owner to create an account
>in which to make monthly installments.
>This is NOT asking for charity, as the vet
>will STILL be receiving the money for his services.
>Within this petition, there are 3 short personal stories
>(2 of which are my own) that in a sense, describe
>the reasoning behind this petition.

Every vet I know accepts credit cards, so you already have the ability to 
make your payment in installments.  Unless your credit is shot, at which 
case it's hardly fair to expect vets to extend credit to people who are 
unlikely to be able to be able pay it back.  It's also not fair to 
responsible pet owners who end up having to pay more for their care of 
their animals because irresponsible people want the privilege of having a 
pet but want to shift the duties that come with it onto others.

You know, I really like dogs.  I don't have a dog.  Why?  Because I work 
rather late hours and I don't think it's fair to the dog since I wouldn't 
be able to give it the attention it deserves from me.  I don't expect the 
dog to suffer just so I can get personal enjoyment.  I don't have a right 
to have a pet.

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