[PA-Furry] FW: Animal Emergency Law

EeoRaptor at aol.com EeoRaptor at aol.com
Tue May 25 18:12:02 EDT 2004

Well... yea lots of irresponsible people have animals... but then again.. lots of irresponsible people have kids too.... and their healthcare gets paid...  pets are just as much alive as people so they should be helped as well.

And as for making sure you have the money... well when my cat was ailing.. she needed an EKG to determine whether she was a candidate for medication... that was 500 dollars.  Raise your hand if you have 500 dollars in your account at any given time to spend on vet bills...  Sadly we had to put her down before the testing... she was so sick ... was cringing in pain when you tried to pet her...

And as for credit cards... yes I have one... but .. I couldnt use it for vet bills..  Currently its at 3000 dollars because I had to pay for 3 semesters of school and textbooks with it.  good old uncle sam decided I wasnt a candidate to recieve financial aid... hmm.. I think I know how those poor animals feel... needing something and not being able to get it....

The good news is... that there is pet healthcare insurance.  Several companies offer it, and its relatively affordable just like people insurance.  Perhaps instead of delegating for emergency care.. we need to educate people about the programs available for affordable vetcare.  

Also... the SPCA will not turn down animals at its clinic from what I know..  they may require you to sign the animal over to them for keeps, or set up a payment plan... but whats better... your pet dying or them living and being given to someone who can care for them properly?

Just a few thoughts


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