[PA-Furry] FW: Animal Emergency Law

EeoRaptor at aol.com EeoRaptor at aol.com
Tue May 25 20:12:02 EDT 2004

<Can't wait for this. How soon will it be that "those who can afford the care 
get to keep their pets, but *they* took mine away, because I couldn't afford 

I would rather have my animal taken away and given care then have it die while I stood by, unable to afford to pay for its care.  Even having an animal put to sleep is expensive... having had to put my cat down recently... I know this.

I had my cat for some 22 years, she grew up alongside me, slept in my crib with me, followed me to school like a dog.  I would have gladly given her up to the SPCA then have her die needlessly....

But then again thats how I feel...  I would give up my kids too if I knew I couldnt afford their care, and that they'd get better elsewhere...

The SPCA has the right to seize an animal that they feel is being mistreated  "I dont have the money to take care of it" doesnt float.  They will offer low cost care, and if that is not accepted they take the animal away... sometimes pressing charges.  At least they do this in some states, others arent as strict on their animal cruelty laws.


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