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Fire D. Husky firedhusky at yahoo.com
Tue May 25 21:42:02 EDT 2004

Im glad you have your point of view, tho seems you are
taking abit personal here. 

i have no clue who you are, who you donate to  or what
goverment you like.  and honestly i could care less.

All i m saing is that i agree with the fact that a
person that has training to save a life,  should not
turn their back to a sufering  criter or human. I know
that I will do my best to help if i  come across a
life threatening situation. whoever is the person or
critter, rich or poor. 

like it or not is my opinion. 

good luck 

Fire D husky

--- Stormfront Dragon <stormdragon at att.net> wrote:
> At 06:34 AM 5/25/04 -0700, you wrote:
> >When a doctor becomes such, they know some people
> will
> >pay and some will not. They know the risks of the
> >practice and they cant let anyone go sick just
> becouse
> >they cant pay for services.
> When an animal needs surgery, it will cost money. 
> Supplies have to be 
> bought, nurses need to be paid, office leases need
> to be paid, electricity 
> and water bills need to be paid, etc.  The vet also
> has to provide for his 
> own life and for his family.  If the animal's owner
> doesn't pay for it, who 
> will?  Is the vet supposed to pay for it out of his
> own pocket?  When did 
> becoming a vet mean signing up to become a slave,
> required to work whenever 
> somebody orders you to for no recompense?
> Or do you meant it's everyone else's responsibility
> to pay for it?  If you 
> can't afford to care for an animal, give it to
> someone who can.  Why is it 
> everyone else's responsibility to pay because _you_
> want a pet.
> >People need to be more charitable and understanding
> >rather than thinking with their wallet instead of
> >beeing Freaking selfish.
> And if they aren't being sufficiently generous for
> your tastes, they need 
> to be physically forced to do what you think is
> right?  Who died and made 
> you emperor, oh great one?
> You have no idea what charities I donate to or in
> what amounts.  I resent 
> having my generosity impugned because I refuse to
> shell out money any time 
> you snap and point.
> Voluntary charity is a good thing--provided it's
> precisely that: 
> voluntary.  If I choose to give money to an animal
> hospital, that's my 
> choice.  If a pet's owner comes to my house, holds
> me up at gun point and 
> takes my money for an operation, that's robbery. 
> And it remains robbery 
> whether he does it in person or if he has the police
> do it for 
> him.  Perhaps instead of trying to use physical
> force to make people do 
> want you want, why not do charity work for an animal
> hospital to reduce the 
> costs of treating animals?  Why not try to raise
> funds for an animal 
> hospital, persuading people to _voluntarily_ pay for
> it?
> Oh that's right, you'd have to do some work then. 
> Far easier to sit on 
> your ass and have the government steal for you
> whenever whenever you wish 
> for more money.
> >If you knew how to save a life... would you let it
> die
> >just becouse you dont get paid for saving it ? fuck
> no
> >!
> To be brutally honest:
> 1.) It depends on who and how much they need.  If a
> complete stranger needs 
> $10,000 from me to go on living, they're gonna die.
> 2.) Animals aren't the moral equivalents of people. 
> Wild animals don't get 
> medical care at all.  Most of them end up dying
> extremely gruesome 
> deaths.  Unless you're arguing we some how ought to
> be paying to give 
> medical care to all those animals as well, why is a
> dog different than, 
> say, a white tailed deer?  The only thing that
> distinguishes a particular 
> dog is that its owner has an emotional attachment to
> it.  And I fail to see 
> how everyone else is obligated because of that one
> person's wishes.
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