[PA-Furry] FW: Animal Emergency Law

Kyraeus kyraeus at suscom.net
Wed May 26 01:12:03 EDT 2004

To be honest, I'm surprised to some extent that whereas the hippocratic oath
has been in effect for human doctors for many years that there isn't an
equivalent oath in veterinary medicine or other such professions that I just
happen to be too tired at 3:30 AM to think about ;P

I understand the mentality behind us putting human life above animal life,
though personally I believe in some cases animals are superior to a few
particular members of our species... trust me, I've known many =>.<=(but
that's a moral issue.. completely different story there).  As well, I see
how the vets must expect repayment for such service rendered, and just
recompense for their own losses providing that service..

However, seems to me that providing an option to pay over time, isn't
exactly telling someone they don't have to pay.. just that they are given
payment periods to pay within.. Now, human doctors get much more for their
services, I assume, not knowing the respective pay scales (or many rich vets
;P) , and also I would assume the bills for equipment/practice insurance
(remember the PA insurance hike for doctors) are equally as high, yet why
then do only doctors have to swear an oath that more or less requires them
to perform service to any human in need, whether they can pay or not (not
that this oath is always followed, admittedly).

Call me crazy, it just seems this is one of those instances of life being
really unfair, and someone getting screwed in the end, if you forgive the
pun.  I agree with this idea to some extent, allowing for a fair payment
plan to be reached, where such programs do not already exist, for those who
don't have the money sitting around to pay a bulk sum up front, yet I think
perhaps there should be a careful building of said idea to something more
amenable and well written to both parties.

Just my 2 pennies..

P.S. - please don't take all my words to heart.. I'm not a vet, nor a
politician, this is just my own thoughts on the matter as the usual 'man on
the street'.  It's not something worth flaming each other over.. Political
arguments will never change another's mind, and that's more or less what
this has become.


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