[PA-Furry] Introductions and Mayfair

Yan Adbu tsenowolf at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 15:42:02 EDT 2004

Howls all,

Alright, details for the Mayfair meet.  This Saturday,
the 29th, we'll meet up at around 4:00pm at... 
(mrf...there's gotta be a better spot to meet than the
big inflated thingy...)  Mrf... how about, if you're
coming, just send me an e-mail directly and i'll get
in touch with you to tell you how to get to where
we're going to meet, as mayfair can get kinda crowded
and confusing in terms of trying to meet up with
others.  Unfortunatly, I've got no cell phone:(  So,
if anyfur else that's coming does, might be a good
idea to bring it along and send the info out.  Erm,
don't really have to much planned for the day, was
just gonna feel things out.  If mayfair gets boring,
there are always bowling alleys to go to, or whatever
else (though really, Allentown isn't all that much
fun).Unfortunatly, I cannot provide a place for anyfur
to stay overnight, sorry.
If any needs directions on how to get to Allentown, or
once in A-town, how to get to Mayfair, please send me
an e-mail TsenoWolf at yahoo.com and i'll get those to ya
right away.
And... I hope I covered everything that needed to be

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