[PA-Furry] About Magnus and a Lesson from all this...

Byzantyn the Dragon capryhircus at comcast.net
Thu May 27 08:42:03 EDT 2004

Byzantyn Here

Magnus wrote me from the Montgomery County Correctional facility.  He says
he should be out before September, but that may be too late to save his
belongings.  From what he's told me he's gone and made me the only one
allowed to retrive his housekey.  Unfortunately I lack the transportation to
go down there and get it.  I don't want to bother my room mate for
transportation, especially if even getting the key wouldn't matter.  I have
limited space where I live to store anything.  I can't do this myself and
unless someone else can lend me a hand, I'm afraid I'll have to let this
happen to him.  I guess I'm a lousy friend.

Perhaps this can be an abject lesson to the consequences of impulsive
behavior.  A few harsh words or a rash outburst of temper in the wrong place
can cost you not only your freedom, but your livelihood, posessions,
friends, shelter, and trust of others.  A stupid act results in more
consequences than just being hauled-off in handcuffs in COPS.  You could
come out of it totally devastated in your life and you don't even have to do
anything /serious/... just some dumb thing that gets you locked-up for a few
months can leave you penniless, homeless, and indigent.

It's stressful for his friends too.  I can only write him snail-mail
letters.  He can only call out collect (and as I understand it there are
fees to accept those calls other than normal long-distance), visiting hours
are varied and hard to keep track-of, and he has to pay to have a letter
mailed out.  Whoever said prisonsers in the American criminal justice system
have it easy should take notice of this;  it isn't the long-term feloneous
penitentiary inmates that suffer nearly as much as the small-time offenders
in county jails who seemingly pay an exhorbitant price for their

How ironic.

Magnus screwed-up and this is what happens when you screw up.

Now before anyone brushes this aside and says, "well, he should have thought
about the consequences before he acted,"  well, consider that no matter how
much we try to suppress it, we are all vulnerable to our baser instincts and
sometimes folks just don't think rationally.  We all have our breaking
points.  We're still all just smart tool-usin' monkeys with a thin layer of
civilized behavior covering our brains like the fake-wood laminate on a
cheap pressed-wood table.  However, there's hope.  We can learn from others'
mistakes as well as our own.

Remember that the next time you're pissed-off at someone or something and
consider a petulant act to satisfy your sense of pride or honor...

remember Magnus.

*flappyhugs from a moralizing dragon*


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