[PA-Furry] About Magnus and a Lesson from all this...

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Thu May 27 14:12:02 EDT 2004

Come to think of it, I have had similar experiences. I won't go into too
much detail. Basically, in high school I was provoked far beyond my ability
to control myself. After becoming violent I ended up doing 40 hours of
community service, which is smaller than what other kids get, but still more
than what I think I deserved. But much worse than that was the fact that
before, during, and long long after my punishment was served, my peers
rediculed and questioned my behavior, intelligence, and morals. Having to
find the words and explain myself is difficult, and doing so again and again
becomes very tiring, so I ended up taking a lot of insults, losing
self-esteem, and even to this day, from time to time, I have to put up with
ignorance regarding an event that happened years and years in the past. That
is a lot worse than raking leaves for five days in heavy, cold rain...

Whatever Mags did, he's paying for it and more. He definitely doesn't need
to take any shit from us when he comes home. And I won't give him any. I
don't even care to find out what he did.

Byz, that was a beautiful message, and when Mags reads it he will agree. I
am going to try and stay optimistic, so while I will remember Mags I'm going
to also remember that we will all see him again soon. I am free tomorrow.
Please call me and we'll see when I can pick you up and we can go to see
Mags. Chances are only you can go in and I will have to wait, since it is
not visiting hours (the time is only for item-retrieval).


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> On 27 May 2004 at 11:13, Byzantyn the Dragon wrote:
> > Byzantyn Here
> >
> >
> > Perhaps this can be an abject lesson to the consequences of impulsive
> > behavior.  A few harsh words or a rash outburst of temper in the wrong
> > can cost you not only your freedom, but your livelihood, posessions,
> > friends, shelter, and trust of others.  A stupid act results in more
> > consequences than just being hauled-off in handcuffs in COPS.  You could
> > come out of it totally devastated in your life and you don't even have
to do
> > anything /serious/... just some dumb thing that gets you locked-up for a
> > months can leave you penniless, homeless, and indigent.
> I can sort of sympathize with that. While I haven't been in jail nor am I
anywhere near
> 'penniless, homeless and indigent', I did screw up, I feel. And rather
badly on a few accounts.
> What happened to me was an incident at my last real job, customer support
for Arch
> Wireless(and those of you who are also OH-furs on this list have heard
this before, pardon.) I
> got a really bad customer and apparently I yelled at him. I got in trouble
for it. But there was a
> lot of stress revolving around that incident because of the pressure I was
getting from other
> people about it too, even my friends were jumping me. I couldn't take the
job anymore, so I
> quit.
> I had a month to find another thing before my roomie would have to throw
me out, and ended
> up heading to Texas.  There's a couple things about my car. At the time,
the stickers for
> license and reg were expired and I couldn't afford insurance.
> Got a speeding ticket down in TN and 2 citations down in Ft Worth for
driving without
> insurance.
> I'm still recovering from all the debts, cash advances, etc that racked up
while I was away from
> PA.
> Fortunately I'm starting a new job shortly that pays as much as my old job
at CallTech, and I
> don't have to leave home.  But I can still see how one act can really mess
you up.
> >
> > How ironic.
> >
> > Magnus screwed-up and this is what happens when you screw up.
> >
> > Now before anyone brushes this aside and says, "well, he should have
> > about the consequences before he acted,"  well, consider that no matter
> > much we try to suppress it, we are all vulnerable to our baser instincts
> > sometimes folks just don't think rationally.  We all have our breaking
> > points.  We're still all just smart tool-usin' monkeys with a thin layer
> > civilized behavior covering our brains like the fake-wood laminate on a
> > cheap pressed-wood table.  However, there's hope.  We can learn from
> > mistakes as well as our own.
> >
> > Remember that the next time you're pissed-off at someone or something
> > consider a petulant act to satisfy your sense of pride or honor...
> >
> > remember Magnus.
> >
> > *flappyhugs from a moralizing dragon*
> >
> > Byz
> >
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> >
> > ---Byzantyn
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