[PA-Furry] About Magnus and a Lesson from all this...

Kyraeus kyraeus at suscom.net
Thu May 27 21:42:02 EDT 2004

I dunno about 10x10, last time I was there it looked like a lot of his stuff
were larger items (i.e., his old arcade case alone would take up a 2x2 chunk
or more, at the very least...and that's just one thing).  Best to take a
good look, and I'd hafta say offhand getting his permission on selling a few
things might be a neccesity if it won't all fit, otherwise he's screwed
twice over.  Rather to have to sell a few things to save the greater part
than to lose it all, right? But definitely get his word on it.. I loathe to
think of the flamewars and possibilities that would arise otherwise.  Send
him greetings from myself and Karime as well!

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