[PA-Furry] About Magnus and a Lesson from all this...

Gryffyn blkgryffyn at yahoo.com
Fri May 28 05:42:13 EDT 2004

> 	I think the idea of putting his stuff into 
> storage is probably good.  Decent sized storage 
> units run on the order of $100/mo.  Assuming 4 
> months of incarceration, that means $400, which is
> pretty reasonable.  It may be worth considering 
> putting his stuff into storage, and having him 
> repay the money when he gets out of jail.
> 	My 2 tuna.

I think that's a good idea too.  Especially if there's
a storage place nearby, it'd save on the expense of
hauling his stuff down to DuGauls (if he can get the
place) although free is cheaper than $100/mo even
after a moving truck or other mode of stuff

Anyone know Brigeport well enough to ID some of the
self storage places and get some rates?


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