[PA-Furry] About Magnus and a Lesson from all this...

Gryffyn blkgryffyn at yahoo.com
Fri May 28 05:42:19 EDT 2004

--- Felix Softpaw <softpaw at fusiontechva.net> wrote:
> I know this from experience, an entire 3-bedroom
> apartment of stuff can fit into a 10x10 storage 
> unit, which usually ran about $80/month here last 
> time I checked (don't know about prices up there). 
> Anything bigger is probably overkill (I dunno how 
> much stuff he has), just make sure you stack
> everything well.

If someone can do the legwork to get information on
self storage places and whatnot, I'll chip in some
money toward to expenses.  

If people donated even $5 or $10 to the cause, that'd
put a significant dent in what he'd need to save his
stuff.   Just think of how you'd feel if someone came
into your house and just took everything you owned and
left you with an empty house or apartment..  put that
image in your head.

Now ask yourself "If a handful of people had just
donated $5 apiece, this could have been avoided" and
then figure out if you can spare that $5 to help out a
fellow fur in trouble.

I get paid on Friday and I think I should be able to
chip in at least $100.  I'm 99% sure at least.  I can
probably chip in more next month if it's needed... 
but in the short-term, we need to get his stuff out of
his apartment.


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