[PA-Furry] About Magnus Update May 28

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Fri May 28 07:42:02 EDT 2004

Byzantyn Here

Metallicat and I made it to the MCCF (jail) this morning and I got charge of
Magnus' keys and wallet and ID.  He authorized me to do some things for him
so I shall do what I can.  One thing at a time.

I'll be back online around 1:00 PM.

The flight of fancy we both embark upon as one,
Upon my wings from e'er to e'er we fly 'midst clouds and light,
Only to touch the ground to sate our hungers and slake our thirsts,
Of body and spirit and desires!

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> > I think that's a good idea too.  Especially if there's
> > a storage place nearby, it'd save on the expense of
> > hauling his stuff down to DuGauls (if he can get the
> > place) although free is cheaper than $100/mo even
> > after a moving truck or other mode of stuff
> > conveyance.
> >
> > Anyone know Brigeport well enough to ID some of the
> > self storage places and get some rates?
> >
> There's one about a half mile to a a mile down the road on Rt 202 going
> towards King of Prussia right off the exit to Bridgeport.
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> Sky
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