[PA-Furry] More Wherefore Magnus?

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Byzantyn Here

OOPS that address is not complete, so here it is again:

Robert Sojokowski (04-2805)
60 Eagleville Road
Norristown (Eagleville), PA 19403-1400

The MCCF stands for Montgomery County Correcional Facility
I included (Eagleville) in the address because the maps say Eagleville (the
zip code should get it there anyway)

If using Mapquest to locate the MCCF, use "Eagleville", NOT Norristown, in
the City/Town field or it will tell you it can't find it!

For all it's worth, helpful flaps,


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> I must have missed something here.  Perhaps it's none of my business,
> 1)  What the hell did Magnus do, exactly, that got him incarcerated?
> 2)  Why is he being held?  Has he been convicted?  Awaiting trial?  Was
there no bail or bond set?
> 3)  Does he have a lawyer or doesn't he, and if so, why is that lawyer not
assisting with the issues being discussed here?
> 4)  Where is he being held?  Graterford?  County lockup in Eagleville?
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