[PA-Furry] Magnus Needs Help

Byzantyn the Dragon capryhircus at comcast.net
Fri May 28 22:12:02 EDT 2004

Byzantyn Here

> PEOPLE, just let me handle this. I'm doing what I can and I know
> Magnus would prefer I handle most of this.
> His landlords are ALREADY aware as i spoke to another tenant on
> tuseday.

Magnus' landlord entered his apartment and gave the pets away.  They were
fine from what I heard.
Magnus gave me written permission to enter his place and take charge of his
posessions.  I'll know more when I visit him tomorrow.  Thanks muchly for
the help from Skippyfox, Fairfox, and Nataku!

> I hava already gotten his mail. I will take care of this.
> I'm trying to get his key if SOMEONE already hasn't. And _I_ will
> take care of what I can, if anyone wishes to assist, it would be

I have his key and I've also moved his car to a safe place.  His other car,
the Camaro, has expired tabs and from what Magnus told me doesn't run.
Unfortunately it's scheduled to be towed away.

> great, but PLEASE stop posting and commenting on things you will not
> or cannot or dont know if you can help. I'm taking care of as much as
> I can.

I posted to ask for help and to show I am actually doing something.  Whether
or not I'm in over my head is yet to be seen, but I saw no harm in this.

> Thank you. Additional help would be appreciated, but I have the
> resources, some of the time, and Magnus' confidence.

Appearantly I have it to and I'm neither taking it for granted nor
appreciated seeing everyone addressed in such a condescending and
patronizing manner.  For that reason I will say no more about this on the PA
Furry list.

Interested parties can contact me on ICQ (104556316), AIM (byzantyndragon),
Yahoo (byzantyn) or MSN (byzantynbloodlightning at hotmail.com)

Take care.


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