[PA-Furry] Important (Re: Magnus?)

skippyfox skippy at gamix.net
Sat May 29 00:12:02 EDT 2004

While I personally feel that the more help we get for Magnus, the better, I
must acknowledge that the hype over the subject is getting too out-of-paw
here on the mailing list. So after this post I will not reply to anything on
this subject except on Gryffyn's majordomo mailing list. To subscribe,
e-mail majordomo at gryffyndevelopment.com with the subject "subscribe
helpmagnus" in the body.

Regarding Mags, this is important, as it contains new and updated
I've summarized all of the information on Magnus in an e-mail on Gryffyn's
majordomo mailing list. The information consists of some things already
mentioned, as well as important contact info (you won't want to waste an
entire trip to find out you can't visit Mags) and an elaboration on what he
actually did. Hopefully I will be able to answer every question that has
been asked already.

Much thanks to Gryf for donating his bandwidth to a good cause.


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