[PA-Furry] Movie

Nataku kamiya inuboy_nataku at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 19:42:02 EDT 2004

Hm... well i'm thinking about hitting up the renfaire myself... sometime in 
sept hopefullu cause i plan to hit-up furfright in Oct.  but i dont wanna 
take off two weekends in a month with my current school schedual... if im 
still working by then... well see. ^n.n^

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> > Anyone interested in going to see _Hero_ in King of Prussia next
> >
>This Friday Sept 3? or next Friday Sept 10? What time? I'm going to be
>free more often and need an excuse to get to the movies again. Not too
>late in the evening though as I have to be awake and frisky for my
>Saturday RenFaire jaunts.
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