[PA-Furry] PIttsburgh Labor Day Furry Meet Report.

Leslie Susan Mann lsmann at dpsinfo.com
Thu Sep 9 01:12:02 EDT 2004

That's what I said :)
As long as you got ONE person you can get more the next time :)
If no one showed then you'd be upset :P
*huggles Dyre*

--- Grizzdrop

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Okay, I don't have much experience hosting furmeets (well, none, really)
I've repeatedly seen other furry hosts state that you really need to
hosting meets in order to see serious results. It's like the first meet
guaranteed to be a downer, but you learn more and plan better with each

*slurp* Hope you feel better!


> I'm not sure how likely it is that I'll be holding
> anything like this again anytime soon.
> Little discouraged.
> Thanks for the interest though!
> -Dyre!

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