[PA-Furry] Resident Evil: Apocolypse - Must See for fans

Cape Hart humbajoe at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 10 18:12:02 EDT 2004

I just got back from this movie, and I definately have to reccomend it to 
fans of the game series, and fans of semi-cheesy action/horror flicks.

The last RE movie was mediocre (they should of just let Romero do the damned 
thing as originally planned), and I didn't really think of it as a Resident 
Evil movie.  Apoclypse, however, IS a Resident Evil movie.  It has almost 
everything they could have added in to please the fans of the series, and a 
few things to please people who don't know much about the series.

There were a few things that I didn't like, but I could get over it.  Jeese, 
when Nemesis walked on screen I had this giant smile, from ear to ear.  He 
was fantastic.  Almost no CGI what-so-ever, and he looked GREAT.

I am pleasantly surprised with how this film turned out.  After the first 
one, I was expecting MUCH less.

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