[PA-Furry] Furry License Plates

Cydian Altir Bloodfyr bloodfyr at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 13 14:12:02 EDT 2004

Kinda OT, but did anyone see the red SUV with a vixen painted onto the 
back looking all kindsa suggestive and saying "Honk if you like 
furries"? I never managed to get a picture of that, unfortunately.

Skytech wrote:
>>Well, aside from the numerous "YIFF" license plates at Anthrocon (of
> which I
>>saw at least three), I was wondering if anyone on the list has vanity
> plates
>>for their car with something furry/related to their character.
> As much as I thought about it when I got my new car, I decided instead
> to get Otter Plates.
> So, think anyone tried to et away with SPOOGE yet?
> --
> Skytech
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