[PA-Furry] Furry License Plates

BF BlueOceanTao at comcast.net
Tue Sep 14 09:42:02 EDT 2004

Hehe. My car. My freak-mobile (because I'm a freak). Already the car is
decorated with bumper stickers including multiple radiation hazard symbols
including that one they were selling at AC. And I have a pirate flag hanging
from the back window. I'm too poor for vanity plates. But I've a few in
mind. Mind you, I don't recall the requirements for a plate. But stuff like
BSERPENT. Or just my name BLCKFANG.  But I also like the gamer in me. So
maybe something like J0 W1LL D13. Or D00M3R.  Or PH33R M3  :P

I've also been thinking sometimes about getting text done over the
windshield that reads ROLL THE BONES *g*.


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