[PA-Furry] PandaGuy's Picnic, September 25th and 25th, schedule of events!

Jon Albers jalbers at pandaguy.com
Wed Sep 15 17:12:04 EDT 2004

It is less than two weeks away!!  Here's the current run-down of events for 
the weekend:

Saturday, September 25th -- Trip to the National Zoo

Directions:  The National Zoo (http://www.fonz.org) is located at 3001 
Connecticut Avenue NW, in Washington, DC.  You can drive to the zoo, or 
take the Metro subway and get off at either the Woodley Park-Zoo or 
Cleveland Park stops on the red lin, and walk to the Zoo.  There is a fee 
for parking ($7 for the first 2 hours, $12/day), but FONZ members (and 
members of many other zoo organizations) can park for free.  There is no 
admission fee to get into the National Zoo.

The Zoo grounds open at 6:00am and the buildings open at 10:00am.  We will 
meet at the upper visitor center (near the Connecticut Ave entrance) at 
10:00am.  I will probably be there earlier in the morning.  If we miss 
anyone, or you want to join earlier or later in the day, we can exchange 
cell phone numbers.  I will also plan to carry an FRS radio, channel 4, 
quiet code 8, with me in the Zoo.

We will eat lunch in the zoo, and leave the zoo around 3:00pm (or whenever 
people wish to depart).  The zoo buildings are open until 6:00pm and the 
grounds close at 8:00pm.

We are still planning a bowling event.  Details will (hopefully) be posted 
shortly for either Friday or Saturday night.

Sunday, September 26th -- The Picnic in Glen Echo Park!

Glen Echo Park (http://www.nps.gov/glec/) is located off MacAurthur Blvd:

To get there:

 From Maryland, take the Capital Beltway (I-495) to exit 40 (Cabin 
John/Clara Barton Parkway).

 From Virginia, take the Capital Beltway (I-495) to exit 41 East (Clara 
Barton/Cabin John Parkway, towards Washington).

In both cases, stay in the leftmost lane of the Parkway and travel 2.5 
miles. Take the exit from the Parkway marked MacArthur Boulevard/Glen Echo. 
Note: this is a left exit. Travel slowly on the exit and follow the sign to 
MacArthur Boulevard.

Turn left onto MacArthur Boulevard. Go two blocks to Oxford Road (just past 
the Glen Echo shopping center) and turn left into the Glen Echo Park 
parking lot.

Public Transportation
Take Montgomery County Ride-On bus #29 operating daily from the Friendship 
Heights metro station on the Red Line. For information on rates and 
schedules visit www.montgomerycountymd.gov

We will be arriving early in the morning (approx. 8:00am) to reserve table 
space, which is on a first-come, first-claimed basis.  We will start 
cooking food around noon.  We could still use help with bringing and 
preparing food.  If you have a side dish/snacks/drinks to share, please do!

We need volunteers! We need people to take care of food, logistics, 
entertainment, and many other tasks. If you are interested in helping out, 
let us know!
Several local furs have crash space available. If you are looking for a 
place to stay overnight, please join the mailing list and post your request 
The carousel will be open, and  There might be a slightly more active crowd 
There will be food! There will be a small fee for food (approx $7 per 
person). Food will include Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, and other 
usual picnic fare. Come hungry!

There will be entertainment -- we will be providing games and fun, and the 
fursuiters will be invited to play. In addition there is a puppet theatre, 
The Puppet Co. in the park, which is scheduled to show Rapunzel. Showtimes 
are 11:30am and 1:00pm. I would suggest going to the 11:30am show and then 
having lunch at the picnic!

In order to be able to provide for our guests, we wish everyone planning to 
attend the picnic please RSVP. The following is a list of people who plan 
to attend. If you wish to come, please email either the picnic mailing list 
("picnic at pandaguy.com") or me ("jalbers at pandaguy.com") to be added

See you there!


~  Jon Albers, A.K.A. The PandaGuy   http://www.pandaguy.com  livejournal: 

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