[PA-Furry] Philly DDR (Was Upenn/Drexel Furs)

Little Wolf FLYERSman at comcast.net
Sat Sep 25 20:12:02 EDT 2004

I was just there...place sucks money wise unless you get the $15 card...the
unlimited time isn't worth it compared to the credits.

little wolf

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Its called GameWorks! 

<<As far as DDR goes...There's an 8th mix and a 1st
USA mix down on
deleware Ave. right by the United artist theater. It's
the closest to
University city. Plus they have a deal on tuesday
nights it's 10 bucks
for unlimited play in the whole arcade.The only gripe
I have with this
place is that taking public transportaion there is a
pain. soo... I
can drive anyfurs down..if necessary.>>

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