[Pa-furry] PSU fur meet interest

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Well I am in Du Bois and can make it...

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 Hello everyone, Silent Wolf here. I have been on the list for many years,
but never posted. I now find myself in a furless area around state college
PA, so I am sending out an email to see if I can get anyone who might be
around the area interested in coming out for a meet. So, Wendingo wolf and
myself are attempting to hold a meet, read on if your interested!
 I would like to know if anyone in the area, or within traveling distance of
the area would be interested in joing me for a meet on either Friday
November 10th, or Saturday november 11th. Actual interest in the event will
dictate the final date.
 Plans: Movie and Food meet and greet
 6:30-7:00: Meet up and dinner
 We will meet up at the mall between 6:30 and 7:00, and go and eat at either
the food court in the mall, or a  restoraunt inside/ outside of the mall on
the mall grounds. There are a number or places to eat:
 Garfields: TGI fridays like place
 Italian place
 other regular food court faire
 8:30 Movie:
 meet up and see a movie at the Nittany mall and movie theatre area, off of
east college ave. We will be going to the Cinema 6 theatre
 Movie selection is currently unknown, but is open to suggestions for movies
coming out at that time.
 You are welcome to come to just eat, or just see the movie, whichever you
can attend.
 This is the first meet I will be hosting in the area, and if we get a good
enough turnout you can expect more, possibly on a bi weekly basis.
 Please post back if you would be interested in having meets in the area,
even if you cant make this meet.
 Thanks for reading, and I hope to see some furs out for a meet.
 -Silent Wolf
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