[Pa-furry] PSU fur meet update

alex909232 at aol.com alex909232 at aol.com
Tue Nov 7 20:53:38 EST 2006

  Ok everyone, I have the plans for the PSU fur meet all set up, and ready to go. These plans are final. If you cant make this meet, do not worry, I will hold another in December sometime. Please pay attention to the details in this email, as the date and time of the meet have changed slightly.
 Here are all the details:
 Date: Saturday, November 11th, 2006
 Time: 7:30
 Meeting Location: Nittany Mall 2901 E College Avenue, state college PA 16801
 Meet up Location: Mall entrance, JCPenny side of the mall (entrance will be next to JCPenny, and Garfield's Restaurant & Pub.
 Food: We will be eating at Garfields. We will be requesting a table around 7:45 to get seated before 8. If you are coming to the meet, but wont be here until after we have been seated, please contact me so we can get you a chair for when you arrive.
 Movie Theatre:Premiere theatre 12, 125 Premiere Drive State College, PA 16801
 Movie: Open Season
 7:30: Meet up at the mall
 7:45: Eat dinner. If you plan on eating, please show up on time so we can be out of the restaurant by 9:30
 9:30: Finish eating, travel to cinema. The cinema is close to the mall, but not on the mall grounds. Everyone should park at the mall, and then depending on how many people we get, will ask for volunteers to take 2-3 cars up to the movie.
 10:00: Movie: Open season. We will be seeing the 10:00 showing of this movie, feel free to purchase tickets in advance if you feel it necessary, otherwise we will purchase them at the door.
 12:00: Movie over, taxi people back to cars, and meet wrap up.
 This is the final schedule, expect to run on this unless otherwise noted by myself. To find us at the mall, we will be standing in side the entrance of the mall, and I will be wearing a black tshirt with a paw on it. You can also reach me on my cell phone at 215-740-9187 should you get lost and need help finding us, or the mall.
 If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me about it.
 See you all at the meet!
 Live meet status is available at my live journal, http://silentwolf59.livejournal.com/.

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