[Pa-furry] SouthCentral PA Mini-Furmeet

Paul Zwahlen paulzwa at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 17:01:37 EST 2006

If anyone's still interested, here are the plans that I have for the weekend

Where: 165 Leedy Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362
When: 18th-19th November, meeting around 4:00PM Saturday, lasts until Sunday
What: Saturday: We'll rent movies and order pizza, and generally hang out.
There'll be snacks as well, and feel free to bring soda, cookies, chips,
whatever. Also feel free to being card/board/video games, and some movies if
you want.
Sunday: Go out to Starlite Diner in York for lunch around 2:00, then catch a
movie or hang out at the local mall, whichever everyone feels like doing. I
have my super minivan, so I can probably handle shuttling everyone about.
We'll then head back to the house for a little more hanging out.

Parking: There is some driveway space as well as some space on the upper lot
on the left above the house.

Crash Space: There's plenty of space, big bed and a pillow mattress on the
floor, as well as plenty of other floor space. You can spend Saturday or
Sunday night or both, depending on how long you wanna stay. I'll have to
shoo everyone out Monday morning, but it's fine to stay over.

Lemme know if you're interested in coming!

- Koebi J. Moonlight

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