[Pa-furry] LupineFox, SomaCat & Skippy's Meet (Quakertown)

LupineFox holme at rocketmail.com
Thu Nov 23 19:12:12 EST 2006

Aegus Fox is coming from Delaware so contact him to
coordinate a pickup.  *hugs* this is so helpful!

--- Byzantyn Bloodlightning <byzantyn at gmail.com>

> Byzantyn Here
> If I can survive my Black Friday Shift (6AM-3PM)
> could I come over
> early and help set things up?  I need to feel useful
> somehow.  I could
> also lend my lil'-Z to pick someone up from the
> Colmar Station (now
> that I know how to get into it :P).  My little
> zoomer needs to feel
> useful too. :)
> *wuffs and flaps*
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