[Pa-furry] Anybody gotta job?

Robert Green tiggerkat at atlanticbb.net
Mon Nov 27 23:11:51 EST 2006

I may be looking for work myself after the holidays....I am looking at the
Texas refinery site now, pondering filling out their app. I also have an
application started with Mercedes-Benz for a sales consultant job.

How is Texas Refinery to work for? Do they pay you on commission? What
exactly is involved here, do I go around to prospective purchasers and sell
the product?

Curious to have more info...email me at tiggerkat at atlanticbb.nert

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> I got the word tonight, my job with Northrop-Grumman IT will tentatively
> end on December 19th.
> 6 days before Christmas.  Whoop.
> For those of you playing at home, I live in Eau Claire (if you call that
> livin') and I'm currently in field service out of Pittsburgh, so travel's
> no seriously big thing, depending.  If anyone's hiring for an IT guy,
> please lemme know!
> On the side, I sell lubricants for Texas Refinery Corp
> (www.texasrefinery.com).  If you're a purchaser in need of grease, fuel
> additives, cleaners, et al, lemme know that, too!
> I really don't mean to be spamming the list, please forgive me.  But this
> close to Christmas, being a family man and with my head in the proverbial
> noose, the Foxx has to play all his cards.
> Best to yunz!
> Chris
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