[Pa-furry] snow furrs

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Tue Dec 2 19:09:13 UTC 2008

YES, that sounds awesome. Count me in

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>> does anyone around here skii or snowboard and would like to go to hidden
>> valley on the 20th? its by 7 springs if youve never heard of it. would
>> love to break in my new board before i go east for a couple weeks as well
>> as wanting to meet new furrs with similer interests. so let me know. as
>> with the airsoft thing i have no problem with carpooling, got a van  so
>> leme know.
>> hope to see some of ya on the slopes!
> I've always wanted to learn to ski (pronounced "shee" in case you're ever
> on a game show and they ask) -- if there was the promise of fursuiters on
> the slopes, I could possibly be swayed to come!
> Chris
> www.chrisfoxx.com
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