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louis michalski loum84 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 10 05:07:20 UTC 2008

Not sure yet if I'm going, I just wanted to pas sthe information on because I work at one of the big birds, and we just got our supply of buttons in (250 at the Waterfront GE, I know I counted them), and thought to share the info.  I'll have to wait to find out my work schedule for that night.  Hopefully I will join people there.

*hugs back*


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>     Gathering!
> If it makes any difference on this first night buttons are only 7.00 dollars with you Giant Eagle advantage card at Giant Eagle.  They go on sale 12/08/2008, and can be found at most GE service desks.  They don't count towards fuel perks however.
> -DrawsixBD

Basics: First Night Pittsburgh Furry Gathering!
When: December 31, 2008 from 4pm - Midnight
Where: Meet at Wood & Liberty Ave, (Wood Street T Station, street level) Downtown Pittsburgh
Cost: $8 for First Night Button ($7 if purchased with Advantage Card at Giant Eagle stores) & a few dollars for fast food dinner, warm drinks & late night munchies.

Thanks DrawSix for that update.  That information wasn't available prior to now.  Although in years past Advantage Card members were treated to the $1 savings, I don't like to mention it until I know for sure.

Does this mean we might expect your company for the Gathering?


Swift Fox


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