[Pa-furry] PA Turnpike Toll Increase

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Wed Dec 31 05:49:05 UTC 2008

I posted this to the LJ but I guess there might be a lot of y'all who don't read it, so apologies to those who have to put up with seeing this twice.

A heads-up for anyone who takes the Turnpike: on January 4th (this coming Sunday), tolls will be going up about 25%, according to the PA Turnpike website.


At a glance, EZ Pass rates appear to be slightly cheaper (as in, 1-4 cents) on some exits. For example: Mid-county (NE Extension exit 20) to Philadelphia (exit 351) is currently 1.50, increasing to 1.90 for cash, and 1.88 for EZ Pass. Mid-county to Willow Grove (exit 343), however, will increase to 1.25 for both cash and EZ Pass.

So, if you're hitting the roads starting next week, remember to bring a little extra change. =D

Exact fee schedules can be found linked on the right column of this page: http://www.paturnpike.com/toll/tollmileage.aspx

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