[Pa-furry] Mae West's Movie Night

Jesse Stringer jesse.stringer at rebelsheart.net
Sun Feb 3 14:35:55 EST 2008

(Hello PA-Furry list.  I've been told I should include you all in these 
announcements now.)

mae West would like to announce her first monthly movie night-- err day. 
  The theme for February is "Adventure", so she'll be showing movies 
with adventure themes.

If you're interested in attending, please RSVP to stormok at aol.com no 
later than February 8.  Lack of RSVPs will result in the event being 

The first movie day is Sunday, February 10, starting at noon.  People 
coming from a fair distance can request crash space.

Pizza will be ordered for dinner, so please bring cash if you want any.

Attendees are asked to bring munchies or drinks to share.

For more information, email stormok at aol.com

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