[Pa-furry] Fursuit Construction Meet 2

Lascivus lascivus_lutra at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 09:12:32 EST 2008

I am pleased to announce Fursuit Construction Meet 2.
We will be starting on the heads with a goal of
getting the basic foam applied and carving started.

Who: Anyone

What: Fursuit Construction Meet 2
Begining Head Construction

When: Saturday Feb. 23, 2008 from noon until 11pm
Workshop will commence at 2pm

Where: Talbona's House
1158 Cairo Place
Akron, Ohio 44306

Why: This 4 part set of meets will enable novice
fursuiters to construct a partial fursuit in time for

*If you wish to bring soda or chips let Talbona know
so she can make sure we get a variety.

We will kick off the workshopp around 2pm. Furs are
welcome to hang around till whenever but I would like
to start wrapping things up around 11pm.

Those making fursuits will need to bring supplies for
the style head they wish to construct. Balaclava,
foam, 1/2" elastic, glue gun, glue sticks and scissors
or knife blades for carving foam. Supplies needed will
vary depending on the style of head you are making.

You can discuss this meet on the Temporary NEO Fur
Forums here:

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