[Pa-furry] Now we're sitcom fodder...

Andrew Greene blaze at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 28 16:18:33 EST 2008

And among the renfair people, the Tuchuks get made fun of!  After all, you
wouldn't want one vocal group of sex perverts in funny outfits ruining it
for everyone.

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> > To put things in perspective, I think that the furry fandom is going>
through similar growing pains to what the Trekkers, sci-fi fandom, and> SCA
went through in years past. If they survived it, so can we. :-)> >
For the unenlightened, there are also the Rennies, renaissance faire folk.
It seems they are also the butt of certain people's discontent. 
To show you how noone's immune, even from people who are also in the
not-the-mainstream, there was a letter in a magazine howling that Rennies go
to SCA events to steal! That's right, those 'people' are nothing but
thieves! Pretty much equivalent to Trekkers calling Trekkies thieves.
Feel good that furry seems to generate actual media attention! When was the
last time you hear CSI tracking the killer of a renfaire wench by the hand
of a jealous tudor noble playtron? :)
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