[Pa-furry] teel lebaron

stang neval11 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 22 01:39:31 UTC 2009

he sorry i didnt respond, i keep forgeting to check this email so here are the answers to the questions and some more details


inspection up, october. it runs, good first car, or parts car. the engine is fine the body has a dent and my gf is going to use my car so we just dont need this car


milage: 180k


no one run over, thus no open cases

its a 2 door, 3.0 V6 terbo, capable of 180+mph, fine for parts, will not pass inspection because of the exhause (bout a 100 buck fix we just don't see the need to fix it when my car will be sitting in the lawn when i am at college.)


looking for only about $500 obo cash prefably.


if i dont respond with in 2 days email me at wolf03man04 at yahoo.com or white.friesian at gmail.com 

thank you all and have a great day

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