[Pa-furry] RE: Furmeet at Claws N Paws

Drew sailorscoutx at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 15:57:54 UTC 2009

Dear Kasey,

I must say, that is a very understandable reason on why you cancelled
it...Though I've been to a few fur meets in NEPA, I have to say this Giza
what you have posted is very invalid, we have yet to see someone who'll
drive 3+ hours to attend a Furmeet up this way.  So not every fur will do
that, and also in this day and age, some of us have to pay bills, so the
money issue is a very good reason to cancel a meet.  And also that the NEPA
furs are usually the forgotten ones of the bunch.  So I guess, I don't know
maybe I'll be able to host a fur meet up in NEPA or maybe not, but if I do,
I am going to say this...I will definitely respect any of them who has to
drive 3+ hours, but also respect the ones who will definitely show up for
having fun playing games such as video games or board games, and also the
ones who just wanna sit around watch movies or maybe storm up a great

In short, Fur Meets are a good way to meet new furs; however, we should not
bash the furs that hold or cancel or even that of ones that cannot make it
to one due to other obligations.

That is my say in this fur community this time.  I very rarely will speak up
but when I do, it's usually with some profound wisdom.

Kipcha "Kip" Mamoru

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