[Pa-furry] RE: Furmeet at Claws N Paws

Jouva Moufette jouva at moufette.com
Sun Sep 20 16:23:06 UTC 2009

> In short, Fur Meets are a good way to meet new furs; however, we should not
> bash the furs that hold or cancel or even that of ones that cannot make it
> to one due to other obligations.

	Sorry for the double post, but just pointing out that the issue at hand 
wasn't that. The issue at hand was that people should REALLY REALLY 
REALLY not make the ONLY post about a meeting be 3 hours before the meeting.

	Sure it's sometimes ok if it's a random "hey just letting folks know 
that are in (XYZ area) that some of us are about to go here in a few 
hours cause we randomly decided to, and others are invited to join if 
they have the time and are in the area"

	But a planned event? Planned events shouldn't be announced the same day 
except maybe as a reminder.

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