[Pa-furry] RE: Furmeet at Claws N Paws

Kelley Portner oneil.kelley at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 16:58:19 UTC 2009

As someone who's been planning meets in my area, I definitely have learned a
lot of lessons in the hows and whys of furmeet planning, and you've already
gotten quite a lot of good advice from other planners on the list.

A lot of this is just common-sense stuff, and I've found that a successful
furmeet does require a lot of forethought and planning. I'll never call
myself an expert- I've definitely dropped the ball a few times in my own
furmeets, but that's the nature of event planning of any kind - you learn
from your mistakes, think on your feet, and keep on moving! :)

A lot of people are willing to drive 2-3 hours for a furmeet given the right
parameters. One week's notice for any outing should be mandatory unless you
have an extremely dense, very close group of furs in one area that you can
get together. Even with something like that, you have to give at least a few
days' notice.

In my own experience, your initial notice of a meet should go out at least 2
weeks before the date - you should also issue reminder posts a week before,
a few days before, and the day before the event. This means people will know
about it, but you're also catching those people who may have missed the
first, second, or even third post, and this means they don't have to go
digging for information.

There's a lot more, so before I let my loud irish mouth run amok, I'll stop
there.  If you're ever interested in swapping any tips or stories, please
feel free to hit me up on AIM or Yahoo.


AIM - crazykitsune
YIM - devilponywolfe

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